Music CDs

Okay, yes. CD design should technically be under "Packaging."

And when you learn html and crank out your own website,
I will be the first to defend your right to put any darn thing any darn place.

As it stands, I'll do it my way. Thenk yew.

John Flomer-Opus

This John Flomer's Opus One, titled "Primal Scream."

It was printed in two-color; metallic gold and black.
(Included J-card for the cassette tape.)

John had ordered the disks themselves to be gold, but they arrived on silver.
It still worked, with a silver-gold thing happening.

( The portrait of John was taken by photographer Marc Norberg.)

Trio's Demo CD

For the first Jon deVaal Trio CD, a demo,
I used line art on top of a painted background.
I liked the way the two different images created a dynamic balance.
(It was designed as a sampler for booking agencies and music promoters.)

And it fit the music.

The second CD was for selling retail. (See HOME page for links.)

Bright colors and bold graphics.
Again, I layered the drawing of the Trio over a painted surface.
It has a vibrant, timeless quality that I really like.


Opus 2 was pure Jazz, and the look was muted, more abstract.
There was a rhythm to the geometry of the straight lines
that played off the music.

The musical musings of teen idol and all-round nice guy
Darren "The Cat" O'Donnell. Minnesota's own.


Is there a grandparent alive that wouldn't love this:
All their grandchildren singing Christmas carols
with those sweet little voices?

Recorded for posterity?

( Don't tell me this isn't genius! )

Most people send Christmas cards.

But when one has delusions of grandeur, an errant live microphone,
and a musician in the family...well...take it from there.

(Anything to justify the purchase of that seven-foot grand piano...)

( Viva le Tax deduction.. )

This was the year the kids and I were part of the Holidazzle Parade.
We were mice following the Pied Piper. I was "Mother Mouse" and I had
about 15 youngsters dressed as mice following me.

( "HoliDazzle" is the big Holiday light parade in downtown Minneapolis. )

By now it's a yearly tradition. For some people,
this was the only way they saw how much the kids had grown.

The Christmas following 9/11 was rather a somber one.
I sang "America The beautiful" at the end.

Not terribly original, but it felt right at the time.

This year I only added one new song to the mix; "Silent Night" in four
languages plus English. I found all the lyrics online,
Norwegian, French, German, and Hawaiian and sang it start to finish
in a single take, five times for the individual harmonies.

( It's amazing what can be done in a time crunch! )

My yearly Christmas CD can be a great promotion to send
to clients for DeVaal Design. The line by the logo says
"Making Photoshop dreams come true since 1996."

( That body and mink are fine examples of that...)

New job, new friends, new Christmas stocking stuffer.

( Sometimes all you need is a new audience. )

"And that," she said with a smile, "was that."