Q: How do you pronounce your name?
             A: "It is pronounced "Chõ-dee" as in Chõsen. Or Chocolate. "

             Q: How long have you been a professional designer?
             A: "Eighteen years. Except for that time I was a ballet dancer."

             Q: Do you still do "Tjicklettes" on comission?
             A: "I'd give that a qualified "yes". They are too time-consuming to do at a profit,
             so I don't make it a source of income. But if you don't have a strict deadline,
             I'll do it because it gives me hands-on art time."

             Q: What do you charge for a "Tjicklette"?
             A: "The materials alone are about $50. I work on it until I totally love it,
             which can add up to a lot of hours. So I price them out at $125-$250.
             It's more if there are extra people in it or you have several
             specific themes you want included."

             Q: What about those coasters? Can I order those?
             A: "Again, a qualified "yes." I do limit the images to four or six. And again,
             the materials are the main expense. But here's an example of a set I did for
             $45. I was given one photo of the subject, who was a great admirer
             of the Dalai Lama."

             Q: What do you charge for freelance design projects? Do you
             have an hourly rate?

             A: What is with all these money questions?? Oh, alright.
             It depends on the scope of the project. I'll usually take information about the
             project then do a proposal. ( I do charge for this; it keeps the frivolous requests
             off my table.) My hourly rate is $125-160, depending on the total budget,
             but in the end it depends on the project. But I can work with any budget.

             Q: What do you think of Al Franken?
             A: "Now that's the kind of question I like! Love him!! One of the funniest writers
             I've ever read~ I listen to his books on CD, and laugh until I cry. Brilliant,
             brilliant man. I'd vote for him in a nanosecond, and "Senator Franken" has
             such a nice ring to it, don't you think?"

             Q: One more question. Clinton or Obama?
             A: Hmmmm. I'll have to get back to you...