The following are all posters I have designed.
Except where noted,I used
my own photography and illustrations.

Holly Graduate

I've done several Graduation posters.
My daughter was most recent,


..and a year earlier, my son


..and his best friend from 4th grade.

MOA Poster

(This was done with soft pastels.)
(Client, FAO Schwartz, Mall of America)


Every element in this parody had to be created individually.

It was a project honoring co-workers who were retiring.
The engraved planets feature names the group had during its evolution.


My favorite client is an eye surgeon by day
and a brilliant pianist by night. (Not JUST by night, but that sounded good.)

He does a concert each year for a local charity. This was his 2012 poster.


He asked me again to design his poster in 2013.


And here is 2014.

Marie Antoinette

This illustration was a pencil sketch on vellum,
enlarged several times on a photo copier.
The result was gestural and perfect for the subject matter.

Compass: Christmas

Announcing the Holiday festivities for the Interchange Building Group.
My own little salute to Picasso. ( Client; Richard Schooley, Castalia, Inc.)

Creativity Summit

Creativity Summit at St. Thomas University
(Client, Castalia, Inc.)

St Andrews Academy

Two-color poster for St. Anthony Academy Book Drive.

In the original photo, the little boy clutched new shoes.
( Notice he's now clutching a book? )


An appearance coinciding with the release of a new CD.
( Client, The Jon deVaal Trio)

Casino Tradeshow

This was completely computer generated,
using all casino-themed labels (which I had on file) and Adobe Photoshop.
Large 4' by 6' poster-panels were displayed in a booth
to promote private label business at a Casino Tradeshow.
(Client, Premium Waters, Inc.)

I did not design logo at the top. But I wish they had let me.

Borders Books

Announcing a special appearance at Borders Books in Richfield, MN.
(Client, The Jon deVaal Trio)

"And that," she said with a smile, "was that."