( Note: As you scroll through my links, you may notice
repeats of some images in a different context.

The reason for this is that some people
may only be interested in one section, say, "packaging." So they'll see
an illustration on a packaging item. But that same illustration
may also have been used to promote that item in a brochure.
So there it is again in "Collateral." And so on.
You get the drill. Continue... )

The following illustrations were done exclusively for
Sunflower Markets during the year I was their "Graphic Illustrator."

The children I drew for Sunflower had their own look.

This was done for a summer ice cream social event.

The Sunflower Growing Contest was in it's second year.

(Left) Line art for the coloring pages, given out at the stores.
(Right) Color stickers were made to put on the seed packets.

These two re-appeared for a children's event featuring the young authors of
a new children's cookbook, Isabella and Olivia Gerasole.

"The Spatulatta Girls Cookbook." ( Look it up if you have kids~ it's really good. )

For someone who had previously not illustrated a lot of groceries,
I got experienced pretty fast!

The Sunflower coffee packaging allowed me to use fine art techniques.

This is an oil painting on hot-press illustration board. Original 10" X 13"

The background art and sun is acrylic on cold-press illustration board.
Italy map was photocopied on vellum and scanned in. Original 8" X 3"

Messy as it is, I like working with soft pastels.
I like the way the texture of the paper shows through. Original 18" X 24"

I scanned a page from a 1957 catalog and made this background of purculators.
Orange background is acrylic. Mug is India Ink over gesso and gouache.

I drew these on vellum, loosely-based on historical ceremonial masks,
then used watercolor pencils. Original 8" x 10"

These collages are a combination of acrylics, rubber stamps,
photos and National Geographic maps.
Also song lyrics. ( Java Jive on the full-octane coffee...subtle, eh? )

This guy is acrylic, and he may be either Mayan or Aztec.
I researched at the library, but didn't do all my reading. Oops.

Nessie was a lady baker for some Scottish-style shortbread cookies.
To make sure it was obvious, I added the little Scottie dog.

I drew people every month for The Tasting Report.
And lots of fruit and vegetables for the produce page.

When the wine program started, I drew an illustration for each wine.

For the "country-of-origin" icons, I used a painting I'd done earlier
to fill in the outlines of the countries.

By the time we had over 200 wines, I finally had to admit defeat,
and did generic icons that could be dropped into templates.

This is a portrait of Janet, our New Product Manager.

It went with a header for a new column in the Tasting Report,
called "A Few Choice Morsels."

( The plan was I'd do a new portrait of whoever wrote
the column next. I was sure I'd get to do
everyone's portrait...eventually...sigh...)

In the first few issues, I used co-workers for the models.

For those really adventurous folks out there,
try matching them to the portrait photos in "The Sunflower Gang"

This is the last thing I drew for Sunflower Markets.

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