Those pictured above are the extraordinarily wonderful people
that worked in the Minneapolis offices of Sunflower Market.

(I am not showing names for privacy reasons,
but if you'd like more information,
contact me and I'll see what I can do!)

The stores (total five) were in Ohio, Chicago, and Indianapolis.
(Nope, not a one in Minnesota.)

My group was the Marketing Team.
Between the four of us, we communicated
the public "face and voice" of Sunflower Market.

Kristen was our Marketing Manager, and she,
together with Glenn Backus, General manager, wrote the copy for
the monthly Tasting Report, an 8-page tome that was the signature
ad vehicle for Sunflower Markets.

Nicole, Marketing Coordinator, was her right hand.
She was the detail queen of copy-proofing,
the liaison with the stores and special event planner.

I was Senior Graphic Illustrator, a job title created just for me.
I was the graphic part of the team. Everything "visual" was my jurisdiction;
ads, newspaper inserts, banners, packaging,
store signs, business cards, all the printed materials.

Ashley was our invaluable Graphic Design Intern, fresh from MCAD,
brought on to help all of us handle the production workload.

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