The Sunflower Saga

Once there was a very special little grocery store.

It was special because it was different.
It wanted to sell only the best tasting natural and organic foods
and the freshest produce.

And this little store wanted to sell
their wonderful products at prices everyone could afford.
But to the little store, inexpensive didn't mean cheap.
It meant the best value possible for the best quality.
Why should they sell something cheap, if it didn't taste good?

The Tasting Panel

They created aTasting Panel that tasted every item in the store.
If there was an item on the shelf that didn't taste good,
they took it away and found something better.
More often than not, it was less expensive, too.

They had a special gourmand, called "Well Fed Ed"
who searched far and wide to find interesting and exotic foods,
( ...also natural & organic ...also at great prices)
especially for the people who shopped at their store.

They wanted their customers to discover the pleasure
of eating foods that couldn't be found in those huge grocery chains,
or were lower priced than at the fancy "organic" stores.

They wanted the humdrum task of shopping for groceries,
to be fun and engaging for their customers!
When you walked in the front door,
you knew everything they sold was carefully chosen.

And when you walked out with your purchases,
you knew they stood firmly behind everything they put on their shelves.

Every item had it's own sign, telling a little something about it.
Where it came from, why it was good for you,
even pointing out the especially exceptional bargains!

( Best of all? The low prices were low every day, not just on certain days!)

There were big, colorful signs all around the store
that told you how they were different, and why.

For one year, a dedicated and passionate team of people
gave everything they had to making it a success!

They held special events, attracting grown-ups and children alike,
and made many good friends in their communities.

They found some products so good they put their own name on them!

If it said Sunflower Market,
you knew it was worth a special trip to the store!

The parent company, which had earlier
thrown all it's support behind the little store,
became interested in other things.

Things that made money for them faster.

Without much warning, the little store was shut down.

Both patrons and employees were stunned and heartbroken.

The special little store wouldn't get the chance
to grow into "fifty stores in five years."

And that was the end of Sunflower Market.

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